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The Manhattan Island Isolation Experiment (TWO)

Title: The Manhattan Island Isolation Experiment (TWO)
Author: yojwalkcribs
Rating: R for language/violence/etc. (This rating is for the entire story.)
Pairing: Ryden (Ryan Ross, Brendon Urie)
POV: Third
Summary: When the entire island of Manhattan is isolated in a month long experiment with no solid structure of any sort, what will happen? Anarchy, mutiny, even genocide?
Disclaimer: This is just a figment of my sickly twisted mind.
Author Notes: Remember that from now on, chapters are in THIRD PERSON. More at the end.
Dedications: Dedicated to the memory of Taylor L. (and her father). I barely knew you, but I wanted to get to know you so much more. This tragic event has taught me that human life is more valuable than we can even fathom. Also, I’m now terrified of motorcycles. But that’s beside the point. This may sound awful, but I’m glad you died with your father rather than alone. He loves you and I’ll miss both you you.
Previous Chapters

Outside the dingy apartment complex in New York City, hundreds of people swarm the Experiment headquarters.

“I’m sick! I need my medicine!” one person begs. Another claims their baby is dying. Yet another says they aren’t mentally stable. Everyone wants to be sent home.


Steve Nelson happily sleeps in a warm bed. A bible rests on the table beside him, enveloping him in a false sense of security. Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep. But if I die before I wake, I pray that your heart does not break. For there is one thing I’ve yet to tell: I’ll always love you. Through Heaven and Hell.


Gavin cannot sleep. It’s 6 A.M. and the sun is shining though curtain-less windows. His mother’s arm wraps around him. She shivers and holds him closer.

“Don’t be scared, baby,” she whispers, her voice distorted by tears. “I love you. I love you.”


Down the hall, Brendon cannot sleep either. He lies alone in his bed, cold and afraid.

“Ryan,” he whispers frantically. No one answers. “Ryan? Baby? Are you awake?” Ryan turns over in his bed and croaks,


“Can I sleep with you?”

“Get in.” Brendon leaps from his bed, pulls his covers straight, and scrambles in with Ryan. Shivering, he snuggles into Ryan’s chest, breathing heavily.

“Shhh,” the older man soothes, smoothing his hair. He touches his lips to his head and slowly plants kisses down his forehead to his nose.


“Brendon!” Ryan throws a t-shirt at the still-sleeping man. “You have to wake up sometime. You can’t just sleep away this whole thing.”

“But that’s what I was planning to do!” the younger man whines, pulling the sheets over his head. Ryan rolls his eyes and walks to the door upon hearing a knock. He opens the door to reveal a messy-haired young boy holding a small bowl of fruit.

“Hi!” he shouts, striding into the apartment. A thin woman stands shyly in the doorway. Her blonde hair frames her face, accentuating her sharp cheekbones and green eyes.

“Hello,” she puts out her hand and smiles. “Sorry about him. He kept raving about the new friends he made. Anyway, I’m Molly.”

“Ryan,” he responds. The woman’s eyes flash to the bed, exposing Brendon clad in oversized sweatpants and a zip-up hoodie. Yawning, he smiles at Gavin.

“Hi, Molly,” he introduces himself. “I’m Brendon. Sorry I look like this…”

“Oh, it’s no problem!” she laughs. “Uh, we brought some food. I thought maybe we could eat together – at least for today – to make it less lonely.”

“I love that idea,” Ryan smiles. Brendon searches through the cabinets for plates, and finally finds some.

“Hey guess what!” Gavin announces once they’re all situated. “I have three girlfriends.” He grins through a mouthful of chewed apple.

“Gavin!” his mother gasps. “No you do not! You’re in first grade!”

“Yuh huh, Mom! I do too!” the boy furrows his brow and scowls at his mother. “Taylor, Alex, and Regan all say I’m their boyfriend! They fight over me at recess,” he smiles triumphantly. Molly opens her mouth to say something, but Brendon gets there first.

“And which one do you like best?” he asks harmlessly.

“Actually,” Gavin says slowly, “none of them. I have a crush on someone else.” He smiles sheepishly, and Molly noticeably tenses up.

“Who is it?” inquires Ryan.

“I like Adam, but my mom said not to tell anyone. She said some people don’t like when boys like other boys and that I might get hurt.” The three adults sit in silence for a moment, unsure of what to say to such an innocent statement.

“Well that’s fine,” Brendon finally breaks the silence. “I like a boy, too.” Molly’s eyes widen before settling on the two men’s entwined fingers. She catches Ryan’s eye and nods.

“You do?” Gavin asks, his face lighting up. “Who?”

“Okay, I’ll tell you. But it’s a secret! No one else can know! It’s too embarrassing,” Brendon says, feigning naivety.

“Okay, okay, I won’t tell anyone!” the small boy squeals excitedly.

“I like…” Brendon leans forward to meet Gavin’s ear. “I like Ryan,” he whispers loudly. The boy sits up, his mouth making an O. ”Him?” he mouths, pointing to the thin man leaning back in his chair. Molly and Ryan struggle to suppress their laughter as Brendon nods.

“But don’t tell him. He doesn’t know yet.” Gavin nods furiously.

“Hey, uh, Ryan?” he asks innocently. “Do you like boys, too? Just wondering!” he adds hastily.

“Wellll…” Ryan shoots Brendon a sly smile. “As a matter of fact, I do.” Gavin grins and looks at Brendon.

“You’re in luck, my friend,” he says, hopping from the chair and patting Brendon’s shoulder. “If you need me, I’m going back to find something to read. I’m bored.” The three remaining adults watch as he leaves the room.

“He’s smart,” says Ryan. “When I was his age, the last thing I wanted to do was read.”

“And I bet he knows more words than I do now,” Brendon adds.

“Thank you,” Molly says. “For everything. I know it’s wrong to discourage him, but I’ve seen some awful things happen and I just don’t want him to get hurt.”

“It’s nothing,” Brendon waves his hand. “If you ever need someone, we’re here for you. I promise.” She smiles and stands up.

“I should go. I don’t want to leave him by himself. Thanks again.” Brendon and Ryan watch as she shuts the door behind her.


The next day, Steve Nelson meets an interesting character by the name of Dusty.

In one way or another, whether she likes it or not, Dusty starts something bigger than anyone can imagine.

A/N: uhmmmm my attempt at a cliff hanger? y/n? fail xD Lol. Yeah don’t expect my updates to be as quick as this. I had most of this chapter already written. And this is a very busy week for me. And I’m going away this weekend. Please comment. You know how much I love that♥♥♥

Also, in case you didn’t see this last time. I didn’t even know this existed!!! clicky clicky

Also, if you find any spelling/grammar/punctuation mistakes, please point them out. I beta myself since I'm too impatient and temperamental for other people to beta xDDD Thaaanks.
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