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Just a few things...

My marching band had a competition last night. We won Best Music and Best Percussion. We also got:

Music - Superior
Marching - Superior
General Effect - Superior
Overall - Superior

It goes Superior, Excellent, Good, Fair, Poor. So I'm really happy about that :D Also this kid Nate was sitting next to me in the stands and giving commentary on all the other bands. One band had this awful colorguard and they were doing all these lame things. Like one of their songs was Fat Bottomed Girls by Queen and the colorguard took out these huuuuge bouncy balls. Like exercise balls. And starting doing dance moves with them. And Nate goes, "I bet those are the only balls those girls will ever touch." I almost cried I laughed so hard.

For Halloween, we're playing Thriller. :D It's so awesome. It really is. And we're getting more music later. But I don't know what it is yet. I'll ask Paul. He'd know. He's on council. He knows those kinds of things.

Taylor's wake is this afternoon. And her funeral is tomorrow. I'm going to both. So is most of the people in band.
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