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The Manhattan Island Isolation Experiment (ONE)

Title: The Manhattan Island Isolation Experiment (ONE)
Author: yojwalkcribs
Rating: R for language/violence/etc. (This rating is for the entire story. This chapter would probably be PG-15 for language.)
Pairing: Ryden (Ryan Ross, Brendon Urie)
POV: Third
Summary: When the entire island of Manhattan is isolated in a month long experiment with no solid structure of any sort, what will happen? Anarchy, mutiny, even genocide?
Disclaimer: This is as real as me most likely seeing Cobra Starship is 56 days….OH WAIT THAT’S TRUE 8D Lol. Yeah, no but seriously this is just a figment of my sickly twisted mind.
Author Notes: Remember that from now on, chapters are in THIRD PERSON. More at the end.

Previous Chapters

Lights flicker in an old New York City apartment complex. A thin, lanky man pushes open a door on the eighth floor to reveal a small, dingy room.

“Wow,” breathes a man with dark, shaggy hair. “This place is certainly…cozy.” The two men walk into the tiny room and turn on a light. They can hear its electric buzz as background noise to the baby crying next door. There’s a small counter in the room, as well as a refrigerator and stove. A card table is folded in the corner, and two twin beds are placed head-to-foot against the far wall. The first man opens a door to expose a small bathroom. Another door opens to a linen closet.

“Ryan?” the second man whimpers. “I don’t want to sound like a child, but I’m really scared here. Did you read those rules? I’m scared out of my fucking mind.”

“Bren, I’m scared too. But we just have to ride this out for a month and we’re out of here. What could go wrong?” Ryan walks to Brendon and embraces him. Suddenly, the two whip around at the sound of a loud bang coming from the door. Standing in the still-open doorway is a boy, no older than eight years old. He bounces a ball against the floor and the sound repeats itself.

“Hi!” he grins and waves. “I’m Gavin. My mommy says we have to live here for a little bit now and I don’t really like it. It’s not like my room at home. I don’t even get my own room here. I have to sleep in the kitchen with my mommy.” He takes a breath and rolls the ball around in his hands, a look of fear flashing across his eyes.

“Hi Gavin,” Brendon steps forward and kneels down so he can look the boy in the eyes. “I’m Brendon. Don’t be scared, okay? I know this seems bad, but it’ll all be over soon enough.” The little boy gives a weak smile and laughs.

“I have to go,” he giggles. “Can I come over another time though?”

“Of course,” Brendon stands up and rests his hand on Gavin’s shoulder.

“Bye!” he calls and skips off down the hall. When he’s out of earshot, Brendon turns to face Ryan.

“They’re terrorizing children,” he mutters. “How can this be legal? A month is a damn long time. That poor kid is going to be traumatized for the rest of his life.” Suddenly, without warning a television set that Ryan and Brendon hadn’t noticed blares to life. The picture of a short, stocky man sizzles onto the screen. He has red cheeks, very little hair, and looks confused.

“Is it on?” he says to someone off screen. “Can they hear me? Yeah? Okay!” He gives a grin that seems to almost break his face. “Hello Manhattan! I am your, uh, leader. My name is Steve Nelson and I have been chosen by God to bring you through this troubling and unsettling predicament.”

“God didn’t choose you, you twat!” Ryan shouts at the set. “You were chosen via lottery by the psychotic ghost lady in the radio!”

“Great,” Brendon grumbles. “Just what we need. A ‘Jesus Freak’ to tell us what we can and cannot do for a month.”

“My first order of business is for everyone to pray for our safety. Find the one you love and pray together. God is listening and he will get us through this.”

The screen then goes dark and the room somehow feels uncomfortably empty from the lack of sound.

A/N: I AM SOO SORRY!! I got grounded for a week and couldn’t post ): Also, sorry this is so short. I PROMISE another update will come ASAP, and it’ll be a decent length this time(: Also, I don’t think there’ll be many chapters to this. Instead, I’ll try and make the chapters very looong. Since I tend to have a problem with making chapters extremely short. xDD Also, I’m kind of pissed off at religion and what it can do to people right now, so this story is kind of going to be based around that. I hope no one gets offended, because I really don’t want that. I don’t think anyone will though. It’s not that bad.

Lol also random but I was watching TV and look what was on The History Channel: Clicky clicky Lol. I thought it was funny. I didn't watch it though.
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